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Every day we provide the means for people to inspire and appreciate the people in their lives. We work with each individual customer to help them discover the best possible solutions for their recognition needs. We have countless products to offer our clients, though we are always excited to create something custom and unique as well! From plaques to Recognition Walls and everything in between – we are here to help you motivate and inspire your employees and customers!

Innovating Recognition

Known as a premier recognition company in Colorado, Award & Sign is focused on creating distinctive products that make you and your business stand out from the crowd! Founded in 1987 by Sherry Armstrong and Laurie Schlager, Award & Sign continues to grow and develop innovative ideas designed to help our clients to recognize and be recognized. We strive to stand out as a women-owned business providing unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service.

It’s All About the Awards

Did you know Award & Sign has been in business for more than 35 years? We didn’t achieve our success by letting our customers come to us or just “being really nice” (although we are)! We achieved success because we are naturally passionate about employee engagement and designing awards that inspire and create memories.
To us, it isn’t about the awards. It’s about the memory our awards create for the recipient – they will carry that memory with them throughout their life. Nobody ever forgets what it feels like to be recognized.
Our love for recognition and desire to create lasting memories have made us experts in practicing recognition and employee engagement. Our staff members are called Recognition Specialists, and they believe in the lasting power of a recognition award.

Your Recognition Specialists

Our recognition specialists are extremely well-versed on the full realm of recognition.Utilize your dedicated service team at Award & Sign to provide you with award ideas, promotional product suggestions, recognition wall recommendations, and loads of apparel and apparel decoration ideas. Join the thousands of happy customers we have served throughout the years. Call or visit us to let us help you make others look and feel good!

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