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In the dynamic landscape of business, recognition has evolved beyond the traditional realm of trophies and awards. At Award & Sign, we understand the importance of acknowledging not only exceptional individuals through custom awards, but also elevating your brand in the eyes of your audience. Our commitment goes beyond crafting awards; we are a full-service recognition company that seamlessly integrates branding solutions like our promotional products into your strategy, ensuring your brand is not just recognized but remembered. Join us on a journey to explore the diverse range of promotional products we offer, designed to solidify your brand’s presence and enhance your company’s recognition.

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Expanding Horizons: More Than Trophies

Award & Sign takes pride in being more than just a trophy manufacturer. While our awards and trophies honor top-performing individuals or employees, our extensive range of promotional products takes your corporate brand recognition to new heights. From personalized keychains, stylish bottle openers, and eco-friendly tote bags to sleek tumblers, and custom apparel, we offer a myriad of options to showcase your logo and enhance your brand visibility. Anything you can imagine, we can personalize to reflect your unique identity. Award & Sign is not just for custom awards, but also for branding solutions.

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Promotional Products for Brand Recognition

In a world saturated with brands, it’s crucial to stand out. Award & Sign understands the significance of brand recognition, and our promotional products serve as powerful tools to achieve just that. Picture your logo on keychains carried daily, bottle openers shared during celebrations, tote bags becoming mobile billboards, tumblers accompanying individuals on their daily adventures – all contributing to increased visibility and awareness.

Although many promotional products are outsourced, we also have many options for imprinting in Awards & Sign’s production facility including laser-etching and cutting, sandblasting, UV-direct printing, and dye sublimation.

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And the best part? Award & Sign products are customizable! Your name engraved on a portfolio? Done. Company slogan printed on a cozy beanie? No problem. A&S is like a branding wizard – here, we turn everyday items into mini billboards for your business.

So, if you’re looking to show your employees some love and get your brand noticed, Award & Sign is your new best friend. We will help you craft the recognition program and promotional swag that fit your needs and that’ll have your team feeling valued and your brand on everyone’s radar. 

P.S. We also do some pretty amazing paperweights. Just sayin’.

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