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A Custom Reward For Your Unique Business!

We can create a wide variety of different rewards with a number of different materials. Just tell us what you want and chances are high that we can make it exactly how you want it! Scroll down to see some of the amazing rewards we’ve made and read the stories that go along with them!

Award & Sign is our first choice when ordering commemorative items, awards, and trinkets. They provide excellent service and the staff is a delight to work with.


Raytheon Polar Services Company

U-Haul International

Every year since 2010, U-Haul International has been using the DIY Plaque Magic Recognition Kit. The box, hitch and propane divisions each have their unique and fun ways to display their recognition program. They use a large “base” plaque that displays each division’s stylized award…a boxing glove, a hitch or a propane tank… all this on the left side of the plaques. Mounted with Velcro, the annual perpetual plaque is attached on the right side of the plaque.

All top sales winners are recognized by the home office. The home office creates the labels using the DIY system and sends them to the individual store locations to be mounted on their plaques. This saves U-Haul time and money because they do not have their monthly plates engraved by professional engravers yet they look professional in every way.

Neutrik, USA

Neutrik, USA, a leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products, delights in giving their distributors custom-cut guitars for annual sales awards. The cut-out guitar has sandblasted frets and strings and stands tall on a glass base.

Google and Chic-fil-A

Custom cut logos and special designs make an award unique to a company. There are no other awards like them. Award & Sign takes your ideas and turns them into memorable awards.

Mile High Horror Film Festival

Every year affords our design team a chance for another fun opportunity to create a uniquely spooky award for the Mile High Horror Film Festival. Watching them “torch” plastic baby arms is unnerving enough. We can’t wait to see what they will create next October!

Shamrock Foods

Employees are proud to display their Years of Service awards for Shamrock Foods. These custom cut shamrocks are created by cutting ½” jade glass and imprinted by sandblasting personalized text.