Halloween​ ​on​ ​a​ ​Tuesday​ ​-​ ​Keep​ ​Your​ ​Employees​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Spirit,​ ​at​ ​Work

When it comes to office holiday celebrations, Halloween is usually a favorite. Whether you have
an accountant that loves dressing up as Dracula, or a sales team that is constantly picking at
the candy bowl on your desk – your office is bound to be full of employees who love this holiday.
And while all the fun can be a distraction, there are several simple ways to help your employees
engage in Halloween festivities without forgetting about their work altogether.

1. Throw a spooky office party.
Employees are antsy on Halloween – it’s hard to focus on regular work when many employees
have parties and fun weekend plans to look forward to. Get your office in on the fun and let your
team blow off some of that Halloween steam during a lunch break or after-hours party.
Employees can bring in fun Halloween-themed food, and help decorate the break room with
scary decorations. Watch a horror film in the conference room, or have someone read a short,
scary story aloud.

2. Play Halloween games.
Turn your office into a Halloween scavenger hunt – hide candy, stickers, and other party favors
in odd places in the office. The grand prize can be something truly incentivizing, like a “go home
early” card or a $20 Amazon gift card.
Turn the lights out in the break room and let your employees feel cold bowls of spaghetti (guts)
peeled grapes (eyes) and blood (warm syrup) when they decide to take a lunch break. (If they
still feel like eating, that is.)
And the easiest, but tastiest game: put candy in a jar on the front desk and ask everyone to
guess how many pieces there are. Whoever guesses correctly gets all the candy!

3. Hold an employee costume contest.
Many bosses let their employees dress up on Halloween – take it one step further and hold a
costume contest with a truly worthwhile prize!
Have everyone submit their votes for best costume before the end of the day, and whoever wins
gets to pose for a social media post on your company’s Facebook. It’s a great form of employee
recognition – and it lets your clients see just how fun your office is.


Let your team have some fun this Halloween – it’s a great way to motivate them until Christmas!

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