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Name Badge Programs

Remove the hassle of creating name badges!

Remove the hassle of creating name badges for your organization with an exclusive Award & Sign Name Badge Program! This pre-paid program offers you the ability to order a quantity of blank name badges that we will then hold in stock until you are ready to have them personalized.

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Can you give me a basic idea of how a Name Badge Program works?

A Name Badge Program allows you to buy a quantity of badges in anticipation of future requirements. We create and store a batch of name badges for you, and then you can have them personalized as needed.

What are the advantages of using a Name Badge Program?

The most significant advantage of using a Name Badge Program is the reduction in cost! Instead of paying a $20 minimum for personalization each time you order, you will only have to cover the $20 minimum one time (with your initial order). That’s a potential savings of up to $375 if you were to order one badge at a time!

The Name Badge Program also works to save you time and effort by ensuring that you will always have a stock of badges ready for personalization whenever you need them! We also keep track of your artwork, badge style and font for you- guaranteeing that your orders will always be consistent!

Is there a minimum to how many badges I need to purchase to start a Name Badge Program?

Yes. In order to begin a Name Badge Program, we require that you place a minimum initial order of 25 pieces.

Do you require that I prepay for all of my badges before starting the program?

Yes. You will be required to prepay for the cost of the badges, personalization and an initial set up charge. If we need to order materials for your badges, any shipping costs that occur will also be applied at this time.

How long will it take for my badges to be personalized when I place an order from my stock?

Personalization will take up to 4 business days from the time you place your order.

Are there any other fees or charges in the Name Badge Program?

A small release fee of $3.00 will be charged for each name badge. These release charges will only apply to the badges held in stock, and will not apply to any badges personalized during the initial order.

Can my completed name badges be mailed to me?

Yes! Once the badges are complete they can be held at Award & Sign for pick up, mailed to you through USPS (no additional charge), or shipped via UPS (for an additional charge).