New Season, Fresh Fire: Employee Recognition in 2014

The newness of the year is starting to wane, but Award & Sign is working hard to provide our customers with fresh approaches to recognition throughout 2014! Each month we will be focusing on a different type of recognition, and we’ll be sharing helpful products and ideas here on our blog. We’ll also be providing you all with an in-depth look at what happens behind the scenes at Award & Sign, taking you inside our on-site production facility and introducing you to our amazing team!

This month we’re turning our attention to Employee Recognition. We want to help you discover unique and exciting ways to make your employees feel happier and more engaged in the workplace. Before we look at the how, it’s important to understand WHY Employee Recognition is such a crucial part to growing your business.

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To help you understand the importance of Employee Recognition, check out these statistics from a recent Gallup Poll:

1. Approximately 70% of American employees are not fully engaged in their work. That’s 7 out of 10 people who are not living up to their potential in the workplace. However 82% of employees say that the amount of recognition they receive influences their performance.

2. Of the organizations studied, the top 25% of those with Employee Recognition programs were averaging 44% higher profitability.

3. Those same leading companies also had 50% higher productivity than their competitors in the bottom bracket.

Other facts and figures only further support the importance of Employee Recognition, including findings about lowering turn-over rate and increasing customer satisfaction. No matter which way you slice it, it’s pretty obvious that employees want to know that they’re appreciated in the workplace. You don’t have to listen to us- the Gallop Poll speaks for itself!

Employee Recognition plaques in the Award & Sign Showroom.
Employee Recognition plaques in the Award & Sign Showroom.

Now that you understand WHY Employee Recognition is so important, we’ll spend the next couple of weeks showing you HOW to implement it within your organization. Tune in next week to learn about different types of Employee Recognition. We will also review the questions that need to be answered to determine the right program for you and your business. We’ll see you soon!

Written by: Jamie Fritz

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