Portfolio Focus: Custom Signs

As our company name points out, signs are a big part of our business. Since every sign we make is custom to some degree, this is an area where our creativity can shine! Check out some of the custom signs we’ve created recently:

This directory sign was designed and created in-house by our talented team members. The inspiration for the design style was based off of the company logo and the nature of the business. We developed a layered look with the two panels, attaching them together with metal stand-off mounts. The back panel is a textured piece of laminate tile made to look like stone. The front panel is a custom piece of plexiglas that was cut and frosted for the level indicator. To highlight the company logo we made 3-dimensional letters with 1/8” Plexiglas and blue plastic, creating a one-of-a-kind look.


This sign was also design and created in-house. The client needed a logo to portray the on-going cycle of wealth management. Once we created the logo our design team made this one-of-a-kind lobby sign with materials inspired by the lobby décor. The logo and lettering are all cut from ½” plexiglas, which is topped with a brushed silver plastic that matches the pull handles on the desks and lamps. Attaching the pieces directly to the wall provides a clean and contemporary look.


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These beautiful signs were created and produced by our team for the Asian Pacific Development Center. The top sign is made from custom pieces of acrylic that were cut and assembled to mirror the organization’s logo. The bottom image shows one of many directory signs we installed, all of which are made with digital prints, Plexiglas and brushed silver stand offs. The inspiration for the bamboo design came from the custom donor wall we created for the lobby. This helped provide a cohesive look throughout their building.


We would be remiss to exclude some of the beautiful custom signage we have in our own showroom- including this piece we created for our Honor’s Recognition product line. The image and lettering are cut from ½” thick plexiglas topped with brushed silver plastic for color. Instead of being adhered to the wall, these pieces were applied to a background layer of plexiglas. This allows the sign to be moved as needed, with minimal damage to the wall behind it, and it creates a whole different look for signage!


Interested in learning more about incorporating custom signs into your space? Stop by our showroom at 6801 S Dayton Street in Greenwood Village for a one-on-one consultation with one of our Recognition Consultants. Or you can always give us a call at (303) 799-8979. We look forward to hearing from you!

 Written by: Janelle Manning and Jamie Fritz


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