Renewable Appreciation: Reoccurring Employee Recognition Programs

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” –Thomas J. Peters

We should start by celebrating the month of February as it seems to have disappeared as quickly as it came! Lately we’ve been spending some time focusing on Employee Recognition. We’ve discussed its importance in the workplace, and last week we looked at Heartfelt (spontaneous) methods to appreciate your employees. Now we want to turn our attention to 3 types of long-term Reoccurring Employee Recognition programs that can be incorporated into your organization. Combining these structured and repetitive recognition programs with spontaneous appreciation will provide your employees with well rounded motivation to always do their best!

1. Achievement Recognition

Most people are familiar with the concept of an Employee of the Month; a perfect example of Achievement Recognition. This type of recognition is designed to celebrate the notable achievement(s) of a particular employee or group of employees. There are many types of Achievement Recognition that can benefit your organization:

  • Sales Achievement Awards (Biggest Sale, Most Sales, etc)
  • Dedication Achievement Awards (Perfect Attendance, Above & Beyond, Most Committed, etc)
  • Attitude Achievement Awards (Most Positive, Leadership, etc)
  • Contribution Achievement Awards (Problem Solving, Most Creative, Team Player, etc)

The Award & Sign team can also help you design a program that is uniquely specific to your company, much like we did for Verizon Wireless with their “Record Breaker” awards (shown in the image below).

photo 2 (3)-001
The Verizon Wireless “Record Breaker” Awards are given to employees who achieve predetermined sales goals within their specific departments.

2. Incentive Recognition

This type of program starts with a set of predetermined goals, targets or milestones that an organization would like their employees to reach. When an employee reaches one of these markers they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. There are several varieties of incentive programs that can be used to acknowledge your employees – including these popular choices:

  • Sales Incentives (recognition given for sales number goals)
  • Safety Incentives (recognition given for compliance to safety standards)
  • Service Incentives (recognition given for years of service)
  • Wellness (recognition given for dedication to healthy lifestyle)

Incentives are a great way to simultaneously motivate and recognize your employees, and the Award & Sign team is always on hand to help you create the Incentive Program that would work best within your organization.

photo 4 (3)-001
Shamrock Foods worked with one of our Recognition Consultants to design an Incentive Program that rewards employees for milestone years of service. When an employee has been with the company for a certain number of years, they receive a custom glass award (shown in the image below) in addition to an allotted amount of money to spend in an online company store.

3. Service Recognition

Service Recognition focuses on awarding people for their dedication and commitment. This type of appreciation is meant to celebrate the time and/or energy an individual has committed to an organization. There are several types of Service Recognition. For example:

  • Retirement
  • Years of Service
  • Outstanding Service

Regardless of the specific effort or time frame being recognized, knowing that their commitment is being noticed can do wonders for employee productivity.

photo 3-001
Every year the Cherry Creek School District selects a group of outstanding employees to recognize with the “All Star Award”. These distinguished glass pieces are personalized with a quote about each recipient that celebrates their individual contributions and strengths.

While Reoccurring Employee Recognition programs involve more planning and structure than their spontaneous counterparts, the value they offer to your employee morale is worth every ounce of effort. The Award & Sign team is on hand to make the process as simple as possible, and we can create custom programs and awards to help your company stand out as a place where people love to work. Give us a call at 303-799-8979 — or come by and visit with one of our Recognition Consultants in person. We’ll see you next week when we kick off our Custom Recognition month!

Written by: Jamie Fritz

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